The WPC  material (wood-plastic composite, wood-plastic or also composite wood) is made of a mixture of wood and plastic. When developing it, we wanted to create a highly resistant product with long life that you would not have to look after much. 

Our company WPC-WOODPLASTIC a.s. is a Strandex licence holder. Strandex Corporation is an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in development and production of wood-plastic composite materials. It uses – amongst other processes – a laser guided extrusion to produce high-end composite wood products. 

The composite material is resistant and maintenance free

The Terafest® WPC boards with full (massive) profile resist rain, snow, frost and UV rays,  they suffer no damage from pool chemicals or salt water and all they require for maintenance is occasional rinsing with water. They look great and the warranty lasts for 25 years.

There are big differences in different composites

Be wary when choosing the WPC product. There are many products available on the market which considerably differ in quality. You should be especially cautious with cheap, often no-name products imported in large volumes from Asia. These products tend to be manufactured from poor quality raw materials. Because of this, they could be even harmful to health, they crumble, break and form splinters over time. You are not at risk of such hazards with our boards.   

Not only deckings,
but also cladding and fences

We have been producing  deckings, fences and cladding from composite material in the Czech Republic for over 10 years.  We rely on thousands of satisfied customers not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and in other countries. We export our products to over 30 countries.

Broad range of colours and surfaces

Truly everyone can find their dream decking here. You can choose from 84 different combinations of stylish colours and design surfaces in variable lengths and widths. We can make a decking for a house or a pool, cladding and fence to measure, without any offcuts. Not only will we save you money, we also think about the environment.

Products of a traditional Czech firm

Our manufacturing plant is located in the small municipality of Bukovany near Prague. The first production line started up here in 2013. For the production of composite wood, we use exclusively sawdust from sustainably managed forests and high-density polyethylene PE-HD, which is health-safe and 100% recyclable. Since the beginning of the production, we have manufactured and, together with our partners, assembled tens of thousands of deckings.

New Terafest® App
Design your terrace on your smartphone

Introducing the new app for your smart phone and tablet. Explore the full range of Terafest® composite wood boards and design your dream terrace using augmented reality (AR) from the comfort of your home.