Terrace at Alice Bendova’s

A safe terrace
that smells of wood

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Terrace: RUSTIC Inox 140 Infinit
Realization: Darek Pospíšil (2017)

“We bought the Terafest® terrace because many of our friends recommended it to us. Like Martin Zounar, who we visited to see if it was really that good, and I have to say that it is good. And that’s for many reasons-one being that it doesn’t slip, under any circumstances. Neither when it’s wet nor when it’s dry, the kids run on it and they don’t slip. Another reason is that it smells like wood, because there’s just wood, and you can smell the wood. When the water evaporates, it’s awfully nice and also because it doesn’t heat up, so it doesn’t burn. We’re just happy. Thank you.”

– Alice Bendová