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Stylish terrace of hockey
defender Roman Polák

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Location: Ostravsko
TERAFEST Forest Palisander+
Realization: Terasové centrum Ostrava – Kvalitní terasa s.r.o. (2020)

Roman Polák: “I’m a stickler, I have to keep everything in order. I like the terrace here, how perfect it is, it looks very nice overall. When I wrote the e-mail asking for the realization, it was the worst time of the coronavirus. I was in quite a hurry to get the patio done, and I told the people at Quality Patio that they had a maximum of two weeks to do it. The deadline was gallows, but they met it. So that was great. We’re all very happy, the kids don’t slip, they ride their bikes here. We use the terrace really to the full. I have already recommended Terafest directly to several friends.”