Our realization

Terrace in Novosedly with ornamental
garden and natural biotope

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Location: Novosedly
TERAFEST Rustic Teak 140 Infinit
Realization: Art Bazény s.r.o. (2019)

“When building the new house, I already had a perfect idea of where the terrace would be located. The only thing that still needed to be clarified was the material. I chose quality, ease of maintenance and perfect appearance as the key criteria. After careful consideration, I decided on WoodPlastic® composite material from the Czech WPC manufacturer WoodPlastic. I chose Top boards with overlapping joints, with a Rustic finish that evokes riven wood, in a pleasantly light teak shade. I am very satisfied. The deck is beautiful, the durability of the material is exceptional, and the maintenance required is basically worthless. I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of Art Pools, who provided a free design and quotation and then installed the terrace without any unnecessary delays.”

– Jaromír Mikuška, Novosedly