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Attractive and safe terrace that
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Location: Stoud u Hradce, Plzeňský kraj
TERAFEST Forest Palisander+
Realization: ??? (2022)

The new family building in West Bohemia perfectly combines elegance with functionality. A simple, partially covered terrace made of Terafest® composite planks contributes to the attractive appearance of the house and its immediate surroundings.

The owners of the building plot near the Radbuza River have managed to harmonise everything in perfect harmony. The white-clean, minimalist lines of the house look like something out of the First Republic, and a soft terrace made of composite wood invites the way from the large French windows to the modern sunken pool through the precisely cut stubble.

It is not for nothing that the terrace surrounding the new building in Stod was selected among the three best of those delivered last year by the Czech company WPC – Woodplastic, a leading European manufacturer of terraces, fences and wall cladding made of wood-polymer composite. Sure, there are larger, more refined, extravagant patios… But one of the strengths of Terafest® planks is that they can adapt to any environment to enhance the overall impression while serving their purpose flawlessly and for many decades.

The Terafest® Forest Plus range of planks that the new build owners chose for their patio have a timeless design that gives them a distinctive natural pattern combined with an irregular grain. This special pigmentation enhances the impression of real wood and also contributes to making dirt and small deposits less visible on the terrace. Together with the bright white of the house and the green of the garden, the interestingly chosen shade of Palisander with its slightly reddish tinge is also a subtle match.

The partially covered terrace was designed to connect the living area of the home with the exterior, allowing the family to move naturally between the two spaces. The new terrace extends the living space by an additional 140 m² of safe area, whose attractiveness is enhanced by the simple-looking swimming pool that perfectly matches its design and dimensions. – At home, yet in the fresh air, in nature, and still within easy reach of every conceivable convenience for your privacy.

Quality planks guarantee the life of the terrace

The new terrace was professionally installed by Terasy Plzeň, one of the certified partners of the plank manufacturer. The Pilsen company has trained experts who can advise interested parties on the right design or shade of material, design the terrace, prepare a calculation and, if desired, promptly install the terrace. They are also able to provide additional advice or service, which is usually not necessary unless you decide to extend the terrace over time.

The reason for this is the quality of Terafest® planks – their exceptional durability and long service life without the need for excessive care. This consists of occasionally sweeping the terrace surface and then rinsing it with a stream of water. No painting, no impregnation, no chemicals. WPC – Woodplastic guarantees its planks for up to 25 years and can afford to do so. The basis of their durability is the patented compound from which the planks are made and the unique laser production technology.

The health-safe and recyclable planks made from a mixture of wood flour enriched with high-density polyethylene have an exclusively full profile. As a result, they do not warp, are colourfast and their quality does not change over time. The great advantages of WPC – Woodplastic decking also include a slip-resistant surface without chips and splinters and resistance to all conceivable weather conditions – rain, snow, frost and UV radiation from the sun.

The attractive WPC – Woodplastic terrace at a new building in the Pilsen region is proof that the right building element can elevate a house and its surroundings to a whole new level. And if you add to this the possibility to use a number of free services and to be inspired by a Czech manufacturer of proven terrace boards, it would be a shame not to take advantage of such an opportunity. For more and more people today, a terrace at the family home is more than a sensible choice.